Improve Quality of Life in District 5

  • Upgrade the infrastructure, including repairing streets, sidewalks, and lighting
  • Improve parks and add a recreation center to the district
  • Advocate for the people of District 5

Reduce Crime

  • Focus on crime “hot spots”
  • Target known drug houses
  • Create and empower more Neighborhood Crime Watches

Economic Development

  • Showcase Buckner Blvd. as a home for economic development
  • Job training at the community college and with non-profits

Why I'm Running

I am running because I am the best candidate to represent the people of Pleasant Grove and their frustrations and concerns. I am running because City Hall may try to forget Pleasant Grove, but I will be there to remind them at every turn. Businesses and City Hall have abandoned Pleasant Grove over the last twenty years. It has not gotten better. It has gotten worse. But the potential in Pleasant Grove remains. And so does my love for the place I have called home since I was a little girl.

My plan for Pleasant Grove is simple, but it will not be easy. First, we must upgrade the infrastructure of the area. Lighting, sidewalks, and street repair are my first priority. Second, address the stray dogs and homeless crisis. Third, an aggressive crime detection and prevention program. Finally, encourage businesses and middle class families to take a second look at Pleasant Grove. What they will see is the Pleasant Grove I have always known: a community that deserves more and has done everything to earn it.